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Chance Bridge Signed "New Third Board" listing Service Agreement with Natus
Date:2020/5/8 17:51:48

On June 11, 2015 Jianwei Song, Chief of the Changning district of the city of Changzhou, hosted a ceremony for the listing of Natus (Chengzhou) Electric Co., Ltd.’s listing on the “New Third Board.” At the ceremony, Natus signed a service agreement for the listing wherein Chance Bridge Partners would serve as special legal counsel and Guotai Junan Securities would serve as the sponsoring broker. This is another instance of cooperation between Chance Bridge and Guotai Junan in helping companies list on the New Third Board.

Natus (Changzhou) Electric Co., Ltd. is an R&D and manufacturing company set up by NATUS GmbH & Co. NATUS GmbH was founded in 1956 and is focused on both innovative technologies and services. International customers can access their entire spectrum of products and global services via an extensive network of branches and partners.