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Chance Bridge Represented a Head Brokerage Firm and Won the Case in an Intermediate People

On May 6, Chance Bridge Partners represented a head brokerage firm and won the case in an intermediate people,s court. The company is a leading comprehensive financial services provider in the securities industry in PRC. The securities company and its subsidiaries provide brokerage, sales and trading, investment banking and other securities related services. 

This case involves complex legal relationship. Chance Bridge appointed partner Yuxiang Hu, attorney Manyi Zhou to represent the securities company in an intermediate people,s court. Based on Chance Bridge lawyers, full preparation and judgment of cases, extensive collection and in-depth excavation of evidence, correct grasp of the focus of disputes, full search and analysis of similar cases, accurate grasp of facts and strong argument on legal issues, the securities company,s reply was supported and adopted by the collegiate bench. In the end, an intermediate people,s court rejected the other party,s request. 

The Dispute Resolution Department of Chance Bridge Partners specializes in major and complex dispute resolution in the financial and commercial fields, especially in handling major, complex, second-instance, retrial and protest cases. It is familiar with dispute resolution and complex risk handling in the financial field. It has won praise from its clients for its careful and thoughtful trial strategy, excellent court argumentation and negotiation. 

As a professional law firm specializing in corporate, commercial and financial fields, Chance Bridge adheres to a professional and international model of development. Its legal team has excellent professional skills and achievements, and is committed to providing professional and comprehensive legal services to its clients.