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Intellectual Property

The Chance Bridge intellectual property team is able to provide clients with the full range of contentious and non-contentious legal services in respect of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Rights – Dispute Resolution Legal Services:

We can assist clients to fully understand and analyze the legal and business risks in the process of intellectual property protection, to clearly understand the key points of intellectual property protection, to maximize their competitive interests through intellectual property protection and commercial linkage, and to ensure the full development and utilization of the exclusive rights and rights to use intellectual property.

Intellectual Property Rights – Transactional Legal Services:

We make full use of existing domestic and foreign resources as well as our comprehensive familiarity with domestic and foreign intellectual property regimes, to help enterprises to formulate an effective intellectual property plan at home and abroad, to promote the company’s proper use of intellectual property rights, to standardize the management of intellectual property rights within the company, to reduce or eliminate related intellectual property risks, to maximize the full exploitation of the enterprise’s intellectual property rights, and to assist the enterprise to enhance competitiveness and profitability through effective management of intellectual property rights.

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