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Dispute Resolution
Chance Bridge Partners, primary objective is to help clients avoid lawsuits as much as possible, but when lawsuits cannot be avoided, we will fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of clients. 

Chance Bridge Partners is good at handling high target amount, difficult and retrial cases. We will first assess the dispute from the legal, business and reputational aspects, and then develop a solution that minimizes the damage. As a Chinese-funded law firm, we can engage in activities that foreign-funded law firms are unable to engage in (China does not allow foreign-funded law firms to represent their clients to appear in court in China,s courts). Therefore, we often cooperate with many well-known foreign-funded law firms to engage in litigation in China. We usually adopt measures such as freezing of assets to deal with some high-standard amount, fraud and asset recourse cases. Our lawyers have repeatedly won judgement in China on behalf of clients. 

Litigation is no longer the only remedy, we are also good at alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as mediation, arbitration, expert advice and so on. Many of our partners are members of the China Arbitration Association, the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre and other arbitration centers, which can participate in arbitration activities on behalf of clients and resolve disputes efficiently.
    • (1) Our Service Areas

        • Securities litigation;
        • Shareholders and The Company;
        • Business and Contracts;
        • Construction;
        • Banking and Finance;
        • Foreign-related Litigation and Arbitration;
        • Disposal of Non-performing Assets;
        • Bankruptcy and Reorganization;
        • Labour Disputes;
        • Intellectual Property Litigation.

    • (2) Services Provided by us to Clients

        • Preliminary Analysis and uation of the Case;
        • Drafting litigation documents;
        • Taking preservation measures;
        • Participation in Court Hearings;
        • Appeal;
        • Retrial;
        • Perform;
        • Settlement;
        • Consultation and Suggestions.

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