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Criminal Law

Chance Bridge is committed to solving criminal related legal problems, providing clients with comprehensive, one-stop criminal legal services, and maximizing the legal rights of clients with rich experience.The members of the team are all graduated from the top law schools in China and abroad, some of them are famous legal scholars and experts, some of whom have good experience in criminal judicial work in public security organs. They can provide enterprises or individuals with criminal risk analysis, prevention and resolution programs, and be able to provide clients with professional, quality and reliable whole-process legal services in respect of criminal risk prevention, criminal defense and other aspects.

    • (1)Criminal Compliance
        • Chance Bridge is committed to providing entrepreneurs, senior executives and business operators with special legal services regarding criminal risk prevention and control. He designs, reviews and implements criminal compliance during the daily operation of enterprises, and at the key points of listing, financing, mergers and acquisitions, builds a one-stop criminal legal risk prevention and control system for enterprises, provides whole-process criminal legal services and risk prevention and control, and effectively eliminates the risk of criminal liability of enterprises.
    • (2)Criminal and Civil Intertwined

        • Chance Bridge provides comprehensive, three-dimensional and precise legal services for cases or disputes involving complicated legal relationships such as criminal and civil intertwined, intertwined, combined and interrelated. Lawyers and teams of different majors, types and levels work together to achieve the optimization of legal services and protect the legitimate rights and interests of clients in an all-round way.

    • (3)Criminal Defense

        • To provide the parties to suspected criminal cases with professional whole-process services: legal assistance, agency representation and defense at all stages such as case filing, investigation, prosecution, first instance, second instance, enforcement, review of death penalty and trial supervision, so as to fully exercise various litigation rights endowed by law;
        • To act as defense counsel for suspects at the investigation stage or examination and prosecution stage, defendants and appellants at the trial stage;
        • To report and accuse criminal cases on behalf of parties concerned;
        • To participate in criminal proceedings and civil proceedings collateral to criminal proceedings on behalf of victims;
        • To appeal criminal cases and conduct other legal activities relevant to criminal proceedings on behalf of parties concerned.

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