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An Interview with Zhu Ning, Managing Partner of Chance Bridge Law Firm

As Chance Bridge Law Firm celebrates its tenth anniversary, managing partner Zhu Ning shares with ALB the firm's achievements over the firm's first decade and its prospects for the future.


In recent years, Chance Bridge has developed a strong leadership position in highly specialist capital markets work, which is one of the firm's core areas, especially in respect of financial securities derivatives. Chance Bridge gained extensive market recognition in the past year and has reached long-term cooperative relationships with many famous securities, top asset management and other financial institutions.

"In innovative areas such as financial derivatives, we are able to provide professional legal support in terms of product design, transaction document drafting, and application of regulatory rules. To our delight, Chance Bridge has won many praise and recognition from clients. Clients referrals have given us more opportunities to cooperatewith leading financial institutions to gain a deeper understanding of innovative areas such as derivatives." Zhu says.

In addition to derivatives, Chance Bridge has also made important advances in respect of IPOs, M&A projects, and work for PE funds, and has achieved good results, which has built a strong client base for the firm to further develop its financial disputes resolution business.

“Our non-litigation team has an in-depth understanding of our clients’ businesses. That is why when a dispute arises, we can always identify the key matters in dispute quickly and efficiently so we can come up with effective solutions and strategies. This is also a manifestation of the synergy that exists between teams within the firm,” Zhu says.

Cross-border business is another area of strength for Chance Bridge. The firm continues its interest and input in cross-border business despite the impact of the COVID pandemic. This year, Chance Bridge hired Robert Lewis as a senior consultant and Zou Yongzhong as a partner, who both worked in leading international law firms for many years and come with extensive experience in cross-border practice. With their joining, Chance Bridge will see more breakthroughs in cross-border investment and financing as well as compliance matters.


In 2020, Chance Bridge opened its Haikou Office in Hainan Province; this year, it set up offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai. Zhu tells ALB that the establishment of these three offices is closely related to the State's policies, clients’ needs, and the growth strategy of the firm.

“Haikou, Shenzhen, and Shanghai all have geographical and policy advantages. Given that the capital markets, cross-border business and finance disputes resolution are our main areas of sytength, setting up offices in these three cities is essential for our growth strategy. Furthermore, we have a good client base in each of these cities, so the branches there enable us to serve our clients more conveniently and efficiently,” Zhu says.

Additionally, Chance Bridge also hired international trade expert Pu Lingchen as a partner this year. Pu has been ranked as Band 1 Lawyer by Chambers and selected as a Thought Leader by Who's Who Legal for many years running. Zhu says that international trade disputes and compliance are closely related to the overseas market expansion and investment of Chinese enterprises, and Pu's joining will strengthen Chance Bridge's service offering in this field, not only forming a synergy with the firm's existing cire practice areas, but also further enhancing its market influence.


The wrapping up of the first successful decade indicates the beginning of the next decades to come for the firm. Zhu says that as Chance Bridge is entering the fast lane of development, it will continue to enrich its business areas and actively introduce high-level teams in each industry, striving to provide clients with sophisticated legal services in all its business areas. And the firm will continue to strengthen its integrated management system to help its branches grow together in close coordination with the firm's Beijing headquarters, and at the same time build the firm's brand in all localities.

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