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Fengwen Jiang Joins Chance Bridge as an International Consultant

Fengwen Jiang earned her bachelor degree at PKU School of Law, and her LL.M and J.D from the University of California Berkeley School of Law. She has been licensed as a PRC lawyer and US lawyer, and has been practicing law in PRC and the APAC District for nearly 30 years. 

Work Experience

Ms. Jiang has served successively as Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Allied Signal (Allied Signal) and Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. (which were merged with Honeywell in 2000), American Standard and INGERSOLL- Rand (CHINA) Investment Company Limited at Washington DC and Hong Kong office, and served as Senior Vice President – Legal and Integrity & Compliance Director (LLC) of PRC, Asia, Middle East & Africa (AMEA) in 2013- 2020. Ms. Jiang led the ABB China and the AMEA region legal and provided legal and integrity compliance strategic decision-making and execution services to all ABB business units and corporate affairs. Throughout her career in China, Ms. Jiang has led and worked on hundreds of foreign investment projects, including mergers and acquisitions, as well as Greenfield Investment and Corporate Restructuring. 
Ms. Jiang is currently serving as Senior Vice President and Senior Expert at docQbot. In this role, she leverages DocQbot's legal intelligence tools to help the company's legal department design and implement strategic legal solutions. In addition, Ms. Jiang draws on her extensive experience in major mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, and various business transactions and in-house consulting matters to directly lead DocQbot's contract development. She also partnered with the Asia In-House Community and IACCM, as well as with DocQbot's lead expert Dr. Robert Lewis and other external experts on a series of webinars on PRC Foreign Investment Law and Company Law. 

Representative projects (excerpt)

Appointment of ABB
•   Initiated acquisition, merger and corporate restructuring projects;
•   Established a digital corporate governance portal for the ABB North Asia region;
•   Established, updated and refined online legal tools and resources for the PRC and AMEA area;
•   Supported and facilitated ABB's digitization of PRC via Microsoft Azure and Huawei Cloud; Obtaining all necessary licenses and registrations;
•   Served as directors and supervisors of each of ABB's 25 companies in PRC;
•   Led the legal aspects of ABB's day-to-day PRC IS/IT business;
•   Served as the Lead Leader for ABB PRC Privacy Compliance, supporting and facilitating Abb (China) Limited's global compliance with EU GDPR;
•   Actively led and facilitated the collection of Company's accounts receivable, risk and contract review, as well as legal training, to support the Company's profitable growth and to prevent and mitigate legal and compliance integrity risks;
•   Led the Legal & Integrity and Compliance team to an award of the Annual Legal Team Award of the Asian Corporate Legal Union for 2016 and 2017;
•   Handled a number of complex and high-risk compliance investigations and dispute resolution cases;
•   Served as INGERSOLL- Rand (CHINA) Investment Company Limited (including American Standard)
•   Provided research and consulting services on the national IPR regimes to the IPR authorities of a certain European or American country in 2018;
•   Established and reorganized approximately 40 Sino-foreign joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned companies located in the APAC District;
•   Led and supported approximately 30 M&A projects (including the global spin-off of American Standard's WABCO auto parts business, the global sale of sanitary ware and sanitary ware business and the global merger of the remaining Trane air conditioning business with Ingersoll Rand);
•   Served as a board member of the Company's 40 joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned companies located in the APAC District;
•   Supported the Company to establish two large integrated production bases in Jiangsu Province and China;
•   Resolved a number of operational issues and disputes, including complex compliance investigations, arbitration and litigation cases;
•   Provided various legal training and risk management;
•   Was responsible for the legal affairs of companies listed in Hong Kong, including their restructuring and delisting from the Hong Kong Stock Exchange;
Research results
Since then, Ms. Jiang has published many books based on her solid theoretical foundation and years of practice experience, including Facing Challenges and Leading with Confidence, Another Step of PRC's Accession to the WTO — Expanding the Trade Rights of Foreign Invested Enterprises, Discussing the Further Regulation of Foreign Investment under the PRC Company Law Framework, Uniform Law Issues in International Sale of Goods, Notes to the UN Convention on Contracts for International Sale of Goods, International Contract, Introduction to American Company Law, etc. 

As a professional law firm specializing in providing legal solutions to corporate, commercial and financial matters, Chance Bridge has been focusing on developing "cross-border investment and financing" as one of its featured businesses since its inception, with clients now covering Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and Africa. With extensive legal knowledge, excellent proficiency of multiple foreign languages, professional skills and an extensive network of partners around the world, Chance Bridge's Department of Financing advises clients on a wide range of cross-border financing and investment activities, including foreign direct investment, M&A transactions of PRC companies, overseas M&A transactions of PRC companies, cross-border capital market and financing, cross-border compliance, etc. It is available to provide legal services covering a wide range of cross-border financing and investment activities, including investment and financing proposals and structure design, legal due diligence, legal risk assessment, document drafting and negotiation assistance, day-to-day legal matters consultation, foreign dispute resolution, etc. 

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