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Chance Bridge Successfully Represented a Trust Company in a Financial Loan Contract Dispute Case

Chance Bridge Partners represented a head trust company in a Financial Loan Contract Dispute Case about 2 billion CNY Winning the Action in a Circuit of the Supreme People,s Court, and Effective Judgment.

In March 2021, the financial loan contract dispute between the company and leading real estate enterprises in Nanjing obtained the judgment of second instance from the First Circuit Court of the Supreme People,s Court. It was represented by Chance Bridge lawyer Yuxiang Hu and Feifei Yang. The subject matter involved was nearly 2 billion CNY. 

This case is a very complicated non-performing assets disposal project. Chance Bridge Partners represented the company in initiating to the first instance proceedings in Guangdong High Court and responded to the proceedings in the second instance of the Supreme Court. 

Chance Bridge Partners,s department of dispute resolution focuses on the resolution of significant and complex disputes in financial and commercial fields. We are especially good at handling second instance cases, retrial cases, and protest cases. Our department is familiar with the dispute resolution and complex risk matters in the financial field, and provides long-term services for all major banks, trust companies, securities companies, insurance companies, asset management companies, investment companies, etc.